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Proper disposal of massage oil after its expiration date



After the expiration date, the massage oil should be disposed of responsibly. Proper disposal is important to ensure that the oil is not only removed from the massage area, but safely removed from the environment. It is also important to ensure that the oil is disposed of in a manner that does not create health or safety issues. Proper disposal of massage oil ensures that not only is it removed from the site, but it also has no negative impact on the environment.

It is important to properly dispose of massage oil when it reaches its expiration date. Massage oil is a product that can be hazardous to the environment if not properly disposed of. To ensure that recycling massage oil done safely, masseurs should check product packaging for disposal instructions. In many cases, massage oil must be taken to a hazardous waste collection center for proper disposal. It is also important to ensure that the massage oil is stored in an airtight container if it needs to be delivered to a hazardous waste collection center. In some cases, massage oil can be recycled in accordance with local regulations.

  • Check the massage oil expiration date before disposal.

When it comes to massage therapy, there are several factors to consider to ensure the safety of your clients and yourself. One of the most important factors to consider is the shelf life of massage oils. Check the expiration date before disposal and replace the expired oil as soon as possible. Not only is this important for safety and hygiene reasons, but it can also help you save money and keep your massage practice running smoothly.

Before disposing of massage oil, it is important to make sure that the product has not expired. Checking the expiration date is the best way to make sure the oil is still safe to use. All massage oils must have an expiration date on the packaging and it is recommended to check this date before use. If the expiration date has passed, the oil may have deteriorated and cannot be used safely. It is important to dispose of any expired massage oils in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

  • Never pour massage oil down the drain

Regular massage always requires massage oil or lotion. This oil is an essential element of massage as it allows the massage therapist to manipulate your muscles and provide a pleasant sensation. While massage oil is essential for massage, it comes with a few drawbacks, especially when it comes to cleansing. For example, if you are giving a massage at a client’s home, never pour the massage oil down the drain. This is not only harmful to the environment, but can also cause plumbing problems.

Never pour massage oil down the drain, as this can lead to clogging and other plumbing problems. When massage oil comes into contact with water, it can harden and cause clogged pipes. In addition, unwanted debris can build up along the pipe walls, leading to plumbing problems and eventually clogging. Massage oil should be disposed of in the trash and not down the drain to prevent these problems. In addition, it is recommended to wipe up spilled oil immediately, because oil can damage porous surfaces by seeping into them. Never pour massage oil down the drain; instead, put it in the trash according to proper disposal procedures.

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Meet the new owner of Pornhub: Ethical Capital Partners



In the midst of a culture associated with online access to sexually explicit content, Mindgeek, the owner of Pornhub, was acquired on Thursday by private equity firm Ethical Capital Partners.

Pornhub is one of the largest adult entertainment websites on the internet and has come under scrutiny for previously hosting videos depicting child sexual abuse. After being published in the New York Times criticized platform, Visa and Mastercard suspended services from the site. Pornhub removed all unverified content and changed who was allowed to upload it to the site, but continued to struggle with its critics.

Despite the controversy surrounding Pornhub, Solomon Friedman, Ethical Capital Partners VP of Compliance, said that sharing how Mindgeek hosts and moderates content about “positive sexual expression between consensual adults” has a huge “social, financial and technological value.

Ethical Capital Partners will have “full control” of its new assets, Friedman told NBC News. V Press release in announcing the acquisition, the firm says it is seeking investment opportunities in industries requiring “principled ethical leadership.”

Friedman, a defense lawyer with almost 15 years of experience, said he has worked on lawsuits related to investigating, detecting and preventing child sexual abuse material.

Mindgeek has rarely spoken out in the years since the New York Times article, but its new owner boldly defends Pornhub’s right to exist.

According to Friedman, Mindgeek’s tools for checking bad content behavior were “a key reason why Ethical Capital Partners made the acquisition.” These include Mindgeek and Pornhub’s proven download program, a law enforcement portal, and a “toolkit” for checking content and tracking down stolen content.

“In fact, we see a huge untapped opportunity in taking these tools and sharing them with the world,” Friedman said.

On average in 2021, it took Pornhub a little less time to remove child sexual abuse messages (CSAM) than other platforms. according to National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). Pornhub responded to three NCMEC CSAM notifications in less than five hours on average, compared to an overall average across all websites of just over 24 hours.

Outside 30 million reports exploitation of children in the NCMEC in 2021, Pornhub submitted just over 9,000 reports, and Mindgeek’s other pornographic websites submitted less than 100 reports combined.

Friedman said Ethical Capital Partners plans to support and center sex workers and sexually explicit content creators in discussions about law and regulation, including what payment processors like Visa and Mastercard do and don’t allow sex workers and pornographic sites.

“We were protecting sex workers and we saw the stigma,” Friedman said. “There is stigma and shame, which means that discussions and debates take place in the absence of those who suffer the most from it.”

The acquisition announcement was greeted with optimism by adult stars and sex workers, said Mike Stabile, director of communications for the Free Speech Coalition, the adult industry trade association.

“At a time when the industry is under incredible legal and cultural attack, it is very helpful to have one of the largest companies speak out,” Stabile said.

Along with the announcement of the acquisition of Mindgeek, Ethical Capital Partners also announced the formation of an advisory board that includes Dr. Val Webber, MD, MD. Webber has experience in the webcam industry and is looking to improve the safety and health of performers and sex workers.

“My goal will always be that the safety of the performer is never sacrificed for some other vision of safety,” Webber said. “It’s things like sexual health and also mental health in constant surveillance and constant deprivation of livelihood.”

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Rishi Sunak Prepares for New Concessions to End Public Sector Strikes | Industrial Activity



Rishi Sunak prepares to make new concessions to end months of grueling public sector strikes as negotiations begin with teachers.

Now that No. 10 wants all disputes to be resolved in the coming weeks, talks between teacher unions and the Ministry of Education began on Friday and are expected to continue through the weekend. There were also reports that junior doctors agreed to start formal negotiations with the Department of Health and Welfare.

But the Union of Universities and Colleges strikes planned for next week will continue after the union’s committee on higher education voted to continue the strike and refused to put the employers’ proposals to a vote of members.

Health Minister Steve Barkley’s proposal to NHS unions on Thursday highlighted that the government was now ready to compromise after months of standoff in which ministers insisted there was no additional money for the current fiscal year.

NHS staff, including nurses, porters and ambulance crews, have been offered a one-off bonus of up to 8.2% this year and a 5% pay rise from April, with more for the lowest paid – a deal that is hoped government, will encourage others. Unions sit down at the table.

Most of the NHS unions involved in the dispute will recommend the proposal to their members, who will have to approve it by voting.

However, questions continued to arise on Friday about how the NHS increase would be paid for as discussions took place between the Department of Health and Human Services (DHSC) and the Treasury. The British Medical Association is also believed to have agreed to formal talks on similar terms following three days of junior doctors’ strikes this week.

DHSC was previously only funded for a 3.5% raise and it is not clear where the extra money will come from. The DHSC source acknowledged that efficiency savings are likely part of the answer.

“We do expect efficiency to be a part of that, and that’s okay: Steve would prefer the money to go to pay nurses rather than go to waste in some parts of the department, but that wouldn’t affect patient care in any way,” he said. He. the source said.

Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting dismissed this, saying, “I don’t think the Health Secretary is on the one hand saying there will be no cuts to frontline services, but on the other hand can’t explain where the money is.” actually comes from.

“He can’t tell us exactly where the money is coming from and I just don’t think he’s serious.”

NHS leaders fear they could face severe funding cuts to cover growth, as has happened in previous years, and are demanding more clarity from the government. NHS England has previously said there is nothing more to cut as it has already done its best to save through efficiency gains and runs a budget deficit of up to £7bn for 2023-24, which its CFO Julian Kelly said , could lead to “Tough Choices” regarding investments, including for elective surgery, cancer treatment, emergency pressure and mental health.

Sally Gainsbury, NHS finance expert at Nuffield Trust, said there was no room in the NHS budget to fund pay increases and there was no additional funds in the DHSC budget as it had already requested an additional £6.2bn from the treasury. this year to cover running costs related to Covid.

She estimated that the 5% consolidated payroll offer would cost around £3.5bn, “about £2bn more than the plans suggest”.

A Downing Street source said Sunak had looked into the NHS proposal personally. “He’s all about the numbers: he wouldn’t sign up for something that he couldn’t afford,” they said. “I think everyone wants to put these beats behind us.”

Teachers’ unions and the Department of Education (DfE) released a joint statement on Friday saying their talks will focus on teacher pay, conditions and workload reduction.

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The National Education Union (NEU), which held two-day strikes in England this week, said it would “create a two-week quiet period” and refrain from announcing further strikes to allow talks to continue breaking the deadlock. with DFE.

The parties, including the National Association of School Principals, the Association of School and College Principals, and NASUWT, have taken a vow of silence on the progress of the talks through the media.

Understandably, teacher unions have been warned of limited resources in government to resolve public sector strikes, suggesting that it is in their best interest to seek a speedy resolution of their own dispute.

A key stumbling block for teachers’ unions is whether any pay deal should be funded from existing school budgets, echoing the concerns of health workers’ unions over funding a deal with the National Health Service.

Earlier, Vivek Trivedi, co-chair of the British Medical Association’s junior physicians’ committee, told BBC Radio 4’s Today program that he thought discussions would begin in the coming days. “It’s disappointing that strikes have been taken for meaningful discussion, but it’s promising that they can move forward and I only hope we can make it in our own dispute,” he said.

Junior doctors are expected to be offered a similar deal with other NHS unions, but ministers want the BMA to put the strike on hold and drop its demands for a 35% raise to recoup years of lost earnings.

This week’s young doctors’ strike has resulted in even greater losses of nurses and EMTs than the previous strike, with more than 175,000 appointments and procedures rescheduled to protect emergency, critical and emergency care.

Streeting urged the government to come to an agreement with junior doctors, but warned that Labor would be unwilling to fund the full 35% pay rise that the BMA had asked for. “I wish I could promise that the Labor government would restore full pay overnight, but the truth is we can’t,” he said.

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Allegations of racism leveled at House of Representatives hearing on coronavirus



WASHINGTON. Science writer Nicholas Wade arrived on Capitol Hill Wednesday to testify before a Republican commission on the origins of the coronavirus, but was instead asked questions about “Troubled Legacy”, his controversial 2014 book on race and genetics, which Democrats noted was endorsed by notorious racist and anti-Semite David Duke, as well as other white supremacists.

“I have nothing to do with white supremacist views,” Wade said at one point during the hearing.

“However, they love you,” retorted Rep. Kweisi Mfume, M.D., arguing that Wade’s presence was an affront to any legitimate inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus — the subject of Wednesday’s hearing.

Former NAACP head Mfume said he was “appalled that this hearing is now about race.”

Writer Nicholas Wade testifies before a committee of the House of Representatives.

Writer Nicholas Wade testifies Wednesday before a House subcommittee on the coronavirus pandemic. (Chip Somodeville/Getty Images)

Visibly trembling, Mfume told Wade that he was “absolutely offended that you will have the opportunity to take this platform and add something important to it.”

A tense exchange has cast doubt on whether inviting Wade to testify at the first hearing of the House Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic was an effective move by the Republican majority, which seeks to legitimize the notion that the coronavirus was the product of a lab accident in China.

Wade proponent of this hypothesisbut his past writings on genetics and race seem to have frustrated his attempts to focus the conversation on the pandemic.

The committee’s leading Democrat, Rep. Raul Ruiz of California, used his opening statement to discredit Wade. “His participation undermines the credibility of this hearing,” he said.

Briefly, Capitol Hill was plunged into a nearly decade-old controversy, though the topics understandably continue to stir deep passions today.

A native of England and a graduate of Cambridge, Wade has worked for the prestigious Science magazine. and nature in the late 1970s and early 80s, by which point he had settled in the United States. Hello joined the New York Times in 1982. and will remain in the newspaper for 30 years.

Rep. Raul Ruiz speaks at a House subcommittee hearing.

Rep. Raul Ruiz, D-Calif., expresses concern that the subcommittee has invited Wade to testify. (Chip Somodeville/Getty Images)

Wade has written several books in his career, but none have been as explosive as his 2014 foray into the connection between race and genetics—a connection that by then many came with a discount.

In an attempt to repair the disputed correlation, Wade ventured into some of the most obscene areas of what was once known as scientific expertise. (His supporters would say that he was dragged into this dangerous territory by detractors who had not actually read his book, but some of those critics appeared to be familiar with his arguments.)

Racial Science was a favorite pastime of the Nazis, who sought to collect evidence, such as the shape of the skull, to prove that Jews and other people of non-European descent were inherently inferior. eugenicists in the United States, similar arguments were used to try to restrict immigration or expand civil rights for blacks.

While racial differences may seem huge culturally and socially, genetic differences between populations are actually quite insignificant.

Wade objected to this prevailing view. Intending to “demystify the genetic basis of race”, he attempted to describe distinct racial groups that he claimed originated in Africa, Europe, and East Asia. He then attempted to explain how the three groups evolved different genomes and how these differences shape their respective cultures.

These explanations have led to some highly suspicious claims, such as that the Jews were uniquely “adapted to capitalism” – a classic anti-Semitic cliché. Meanwhile, people of African descent, according to Wade’s analysis, had a “violent propensity”.

Former New York Times editor and writer Nicholas Wade.

During Wednesday’s hearing, Wade was asked questions about his controversial 2014 book on race and genetics, A Troubled Legacy. (Chip Somodeville/Getty Images)

The mainstream reaction to the book was harsh. IN his reviewThe Times called A Troubled Legacy a “deeply flawed, misleading and dangerous book” that gives racists license while accused Wade trade in “marginal racist theories masquerading as mainstream biology”. American conservative found the book unconvincing.

IN letter to the New York Times Book ReviewHe was accused by 139 scientists (including many whose work Wade cited) of “misappropriating” research results to advance discrediting arguments. They stated that “in the field of population genetics, Wade’s hypotheses are not supported.”

He hit the news again with the advent of the coronavirus, becoming one of the first science writers to speak out against the plausibility of the prevailing view that the pathogen originated from an animal before it entered the human population, most likely in the U.S. wildlife market. Chinese city of Wuhan.

Wade detailed the case for the so-called laboratory leak theory. Average post in May 2021. This article remains a milestone for other skeptics of the official Chinese version. However, many scientists believe that the virus originated in animals and then passed to humans.

Wade strenuously defended his record – and his book – on Wednesday. “It was a decidedly non-racist book. As far as I know, there are no scientific errors in it. It contains no racist statements. It emphasizes the theme of unity,” he told the deputies sitting in front of him.

But his Democratic critics remained unconvinced, while some supporters of the lab leak hypothesis expressed frustration on social media that the important question of the origin of the coronavirus is being obscured.

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