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Nevada’s GOP candidate for top election seat wants to eliminate mail-in voting, but he’s voted by mail multiple times

Jim Marchant, the Republican candidate for Secretary of State, voted absentee by mail in Florida in three separate elections (2006, 2008 and 2010) while living in Nevada. He moved to Silver State in 2005, according to his secretary of state campaign biographyand did not vote there until 2012, according to public records.
It is not illegal to vote in one state while living in another. But the practice contrasts with Marchant’s position. against mail-in voting, which he has aggressively campaigned to eliminate.
The Trump-endorsed candidate leads the United States First Secretary of State Coalition, a group of election deniers seeking state polling places who regurgitate election conspiracies. His platform calls for eliminating voting by mail, implementing “aggressive clean-up of the voter list” and moving to single-day voting.
Marchant also voted by mail in Nevada’s 2018 special election and 2020 primary, in which he won the Republican nomination for the state’s 4th congressional district. in that election, encouraged the voters using mail-in ballots to “be sure and follow the instructions perfectly. We don’t want your vote to be voided because of a mistake.”

Months later, however, Marchant falsely declared widespread voter fraud in the 2020 general election and portrayed himself as a false victim of voter fraud after losing his congressional bid to Democratic Rep. Steven Horsford.

In a statement, Marchant campaign spokesman Rory McShane told CNN: “This is a ridiculous story, while admitting that Mr. Marchant has followed all election rules and regulations. CNN is trying to make Mr. Marchant looks bad to cover for his liberal Democrat opponent who won.” I don’t even support common sense measures like voter ID.”

Marchant, a former state assemblyman and businessman, is one of at least 11 Republican candidates for secretary of state who have questioned the legitimacy of the 2020 election. He has stated that he would not have certified the 2020 election, even though that is a power given to the Nevada Supreme Court, not the secretary of state. However, the publication has other influence on the electoral process, including establishing and enforcing rules with local election officials. Marchant will face Democrat Cisco Aguilar in November.
A review of Marchant’s voting records reveals that Marchant was also registered to vote in two places at the same time, which some republicans — including former President Donald Trump — have been misquoted as evidence of fraud.

However, it is not illegal to be registered to vote in two states as long as the voter votes once in only one state and maintains residences in both states.

Marchant registered to vote online in Nevada in 2012 while registered to vote in Florida, but voted exclusively in Nevada elections. He was removed from the Florida voter registry in 2021.


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